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Die BBC hat nach dem Ende der Olympischen Spiele ihre zusätzlichen "Olympics"-Kanäle wieder abgeschaltet. Zusätzlicher Sport wird aber weiter via "Red Button" gesendet.


TV Programme

Fernsehen jetzt
Fernsehen 20:15 Uhr
BBC One Today
0600 : Breakfast
The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. Also in HD. [S] Including regional news at 25 and 55 minutes past each hour.0915 : Rip Off Britain Live
4/5. A live edition of the consumer series. A look at how scammers have been able to get their hands on the savings that viewers had been counting on for retirement. Also in HD. [S]


kanallista "Thor" satellit 1░W

These are the free channels you can receive in Germany with the Free To Air (FTA 80 cm dish, 0.3 dB LNB, non DVB-S2) equipment.
Bold program names are TV - thin ones are radio.

(Download: Full list including free and encrypted channels: "Thor 5/6" (0,8°W) - June 2016, 1.5 MB



Blue Hustler11325h245004000  
Kanal 10 Norge11357h245004327014110  
Gospel Chnl Europe11357h2450046485140English
Visjon Norge11357h245004314811530Norse
AlJazeera English12418v280004323712390Arabic
CCTV 9 Documentary12418v280004310211720English
CCTV News12418v280004309711660English
Sky News12418v280004320212060English
Focus Sat Info12111v2800041131010  
Inedit TV12092h280004520851080  
TV Sonce12092h280004521151110  
Music Channel11900h280003405540540  
U tv12687h2750026645110  
Service 202912437h300001310211720  
Scandinavian Satellite Ra10716h245004317400  
DR P311325h245004333200  
NRK Alltid Nyheter11372v24500470700  
NRK Jazz11372v24500471400  
NRK Alltid Klassisk11372v24500470300  
NRK P111372v24500470000  
NRK P211372v24500470100  
NRK P311372v24500470200  
NRK P1311372v24500470800  
NRK P1+11372v24500471100  
NRK Super11372v24500471000  
NRK Været til sjøs11372v24500470900  
NRK mP311372v24500470600  
NRK Sport11372v24500471500  
NRK Folkemusikk11372v24500471600  
NRK Sámi Radio11372v24500470400  
RUV Ras 111389h24500464400  
RUV Ras 211389h24500464500  
Radio Norge11389h245004355100  
SVT1 Talande Textremsa11421h24500469000  
SVT2 Talande Textremsa11421h24500469400  
BEST FM11919v280004351700  
EXPRES Bratislava11919v28000464800  
EXPRES Zapad11919v28000476000  
EXPRES Zilina11919v28000475200  
EXPRES Stred11919v28000472000  
EXPRES Vychod11919v28000472400  
EXPRES mp211919v28000468000  
FUN 111919v28000465200  
FUN 211919v28000472800  
FUN 311919v28000473200  
FUN 411919v28000473600  
FUN 511919v28000474000  
Europa 211919v28000476800  
Scandinavian Satellite Ra12418v280004317400  
National FM11747h280003722000  
Itsy Bitsy FM11747h280003722100  
Radio Ga Ga11900h280003403400  
Radio Sport Total11900h28000376300  
Europa FM Moldova11900h280003406700  
Europa FM Muntenia11900h280003406800  
Europa FM Oltenia11900h280003406900  
Europa FM Banat11900h280003407000  
Europa FM Dobrogea11900h280003407100  
Europa FM Ardeal11900h280003407500  
DIGI FM11900h28000376000  
Music FM11900h28000376400  
Dance FM11900h28000376600  
ProFM Bucuresti11900h28000376800  
Radio Vibe12527h27500278200  
Kiss FM12527h275002407400  
Radio 2112643h27500270100  
Radio 2111900h28000390000  
Service 91712437h300001317400  
Slager FM12563h27500278000  
Kossuth Radio12563h275002300200  
Petofi Radio12563h275002300100Hungarian
Bartok Radio12563h275002300300Hungarian
Vocea Sperantei12563v27500290200  
Radio Maria RO12687h275002407300  
Radio Maria HU12687h27500277900  
Last Updated ( Monday, 13 June 2016 )
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TV Tip

TV Serie
Serie: "Die Simpsons" 

Pro 7 - jeden Werktag 18:10 - 19:05 h
und dienstags ab 20:15h

 The Simpsons - DauerserieProSieben 
[Astra 19°E]
BBC tv schedule
ImageDetailed information on the BBC schedule can be found at the BBC television table .


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