instalujemy wasz satelitowy antenna dla polskiej telewizji w Niemczech i robi układający program wasz odbiorca

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BBC One Today
0600 : Breakfast
The latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. Also in HD. [S]1000 : Saturday Kitchen
Host Michel Roux is joined by chefs William Curley and Ching He Huang and guest Bill Bailey. There are great moments from the BBC food archive, and Jane Parkinson picks the wines. Also in HD. [S]


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Listen to radio worldwide

Freeware Screamer RadioThere are some ways to stay tuned to your favourite radio station while you are travelling the world. If you do not decide to carry your internet radio box with you, it is possible to surf to the radio broadcaster's web site and click a link to open a flash player application, windows media player or real player. Instaed of this you can also use some software to for not carrying heavy weight and still be able to zap between channels.

There are a few software radios available. One of the preferred ones is "Screamer Radio". It is a small application (that still got some bugs) which doesn't display ads and is for free. Not all media formats are supported but the most common streams will work. The handy tool is only available for MS Windows. The provider maintains a basic list of sorted radios from all genres and all corners of the world. Still you are able to set up a favourites list independendly. The front user interface can be switched to any of a dozen languages.

A great feature is the recording option. You can encode the sound stream directly into MP3 format and record the audio to your hard disk archive or save directly to your mp3-player for later enjoyment. 

Whats's left to do is finding the station you might like. If you read on you'll find a few channels to try: 

Absolute Radio Pop Music GB
BBC 1XtraPop Music GB
Radio 2 NLMusic Netherlands
Radio Veronica Music Netherlands
Radio Dresden EntertainmentGermany
Radio FFN Music Germany
WDR 2 EntertainmentGermany
Radio DuisburgEntertainmentGermany
RTÉ 2fmMusic Ireland
RTÉ Gold Oldie Music Ireland
Beat 102-103Music Ireland
MDR InfoNewsGermany
5 FMPop Music South Africa
Radio Country NYCountry MusicUSA
NostalgieOldies France
RTL Radio LëtzebuergEntertainmentLuxembourg
CROOZE.fmSmooth JazzBelgium
Hitradio OE3Pop Music Austria
MDR InfoNewsGermany
Team RadioPop Music Poland
Radio 32Pop Music Switzerland
All 80s RadioMusic Spain
WEZV-FMEasy ListeningUSA
Studio BrusselPop Music Belgium
BBC Radio OnePop Music GB

(Remember: some channels do only work in countries they are licensed for)

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 April 2012 )
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TV Tip

TV Serie
Serie: "Die Simpsons" 

Pro 7 - jeden Werktag 18:10 - 19:05 h
und dienstags ab 20:15h

 The Simpsons - DauerserieProSieben 
[Astra 19°E]
BBC tv schedule
ImageDetailed information o the BBC schedule can be found at the BBC television table. The main BBC audio services are listed in the radio list


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